Trio’s in Suriname and Brazil

a brief history


  • Mirella Nankoe Institute for Graduate Studies and Research (IGSR), Anton de Kom University of Suriname


Amazonian historiography, Trio history, Trio settlements, Tarëno, Tïrïyo


This article provides a historical overview of the Trio in Suriname and Brazil. The existing ethnographic descriptions of the Trio, range in scope from the records of early expedition members, anthropologists, socio-linguists to some extensive ethnographic studies. It also presents a brief sketch of the regional history of Amazonia and the Guiana’s to give an impression of the diversity and density of the native habitat. Forging of alliances and network extension have long been important strategies for survival or attainment of certain positions. The arrival of the Europeans gave a new interpretation to the existing indigenous landscape. The article further elaborates on the interactions between indigenous groups, the relations of the Trio with the Europeans and the Maroons, encounters with the expedition members, and the Baptist mission, and processes that have and still contribute to and are crucial in determining the presentday status of the Trio.


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